§870.40. Responsibilities of Entities Offering Accredited Manufactured Home Installer Courses  

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  • a)         The entity offering an accredited training course shall be responsible for maintaining training course records and making such records available to the Department as necessary.


    1)         Course records shall be retained at the address specified on the approved training program accreditation application for a minimum of 3 years.


    2)         The entity shall notify the Department in writing within 30 days after changing the address specified on the training course accreditation application or transferring records to a new address.


    3)         The Department shall have the authority to enter, inspect and audit training facilities and to examine records to determine compliance with the Act and this Part.


    b)         Training course records that shall be maintained include the following:


    1)         All documents that demonstrate the qualifications of the principal instructor, as specified in Section 870.30(a)(6).


    2)         Current curriculum/course materials and documents reflecting any changes made to these materials.


    3)         A copy of the course final examination.


    4)         Results of the course final examination and a record of each certified installer's course completion.


    5)         Any other materials specified in Section 870.30 that have been submitted to the Department as part of the program approval.


    c)         Entities offering accredited courses shall submit to the Department a list of installers completing a course within 30 days after course completion.