§870.30. Accreditation of Manufactured Home Installer Course  

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  • a)         An entity that offers or plans to offer a manufactured home installer course shall obtain Department accreditation for the course by submitting to the Department in writing the following information at least 60 days before the beginning of the course:


    1)         The name, address and telephone number, and the name of a contact person, for the entity providing the course.


    2)         The course location and written documentation that the course provides facilities of sufficient size to accommodate the maximum enrollment of the course for classroom and hands-on field training.


    3)         Beginning and ending dates for the course.


    4)         A course schedule and syllabus.


    5)         Student and instructor manuals for the course.


    6)         Documentation of a principal instructor who shall be responsible for the organization of the course and oversight of the teaching of all course material.  Guest instructors may be utilized as needed to provide instruction specific to the lecture, hands-on activities, or work practice components of a course.  The principal instructor shall have the following qualifications:


    A)        at least two years of post high school education in building construction technology; or


    B)        two years of experience in managing a training program specializing in the installation of manufactured homes.


    7)         A final examination for the course that includes criteria for pass/fail.  The course must require at least 70% correct on the final examination as a passing score.


    8)         An example of the certificate of course completion that includes the following information:


    A)        the name, address, and telephone number of the entity providing the course;


    B)        the name, dates of attendance at course, and indication of pass/fail for the student to whom the certificate is issued.


    b)         The Department shall provide written notice via certified mail to the course sponsor whether the request for accreditation has been approved.


    c)         For requests that are not approved, the Department's notification will include the reason for disapproval and notice that the course sponsor shall have 10 days to submit a written request for an administrative hearing to contest the Department's decision.  In lieu of a request for hearing, the course sponsor may submit a revised request for accreditation in which items noted to be incomplete in the initial request are completed.


    d)         The Department shall maintain and make available to the public a list of approved course sponsors.