§870.50. Requirements for Accredited Manufactured Home Installer Course Curriculum  

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  • Each accredited manufactured home installer course shall provide instruction on how to install a manufactured home to the specifications of the manufacturer, review Subpart D of this Part for homes without manufacturer specifications, and test the written and practical installation skills of the individual installer (Section 15 of the Installers Act).  Each course shall consist of at least 10 training hours that include the following topics:


    a)         The installer's responsibility to obtain a copy of the home manufacturer's setup manual to ensure proper setup of the home in accordance with the home's warranty.


    b)         The inspection of the proposed site of the home prior to setup to ensure proper location.


    c)         Ensuring that the proposed site has drainage away from the home, vegetation cleared from under the home, and vapor barriers provided.


    d)         Support of the home by a foundation system in accordance with the design loads of the home, the existing soil load bearing capacity of the home location, the Illinois Mobile Home Park Act [210 ILCS 115], the Manufactured Home Community Code (77 Ill. Adm. Code 860), and local authority requirements.


    e)         Safety considerations for the setup of a home.


    f)         Proper leveling of the home and placement of piers or foundation walls in accordance with the home manufacturer's specifications.


    g)         Proper anchoring in accordance with the Tiedown Act and Subpart E of this Part.


    h)         The installation of the plumbing for the home in accordance with the Illinois Plumbing License Law and the Illinois Plumbing Code.


    i)          The installation of the electrical system for the home in compliance with the National Electrical Code.


    j)          The installation of the gas or oil utilities for the home in compliance with the requirements of the Installation of Oil Burning Equipment, National Fuel Gas Code Standard for the Storage and Handling of Liquified Petroleum Gas Code, and the Transportation of Natural and Other Gas by Pipeline:  Minimum Federal Safety Standards.