§1232.50. Inspection of Certified Licensees' Places of Business  

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  • a)         Time for Inspection


    1)         Certified licensees shall have their places of business available for inspection by ISP, and by law enforcement agencies authorized by ISP to accompany ISP and provide assistance, during all hours of operation involving the sale, leasing or transfer of firearms. ISP, acting on its own or with an assisting, authorized law enforcement agency, may conduct no more than one unannounced inspection per year without good cause. For purposes of this Section, "good cause" includes such instances as the need for follow-up when a remediation plan has been entered or as part of an ISP investigation based on concerns that the Act or this Part is being violated. (Section 5-35 of the Act)


    2)         Any CL that is not open to the public, does not keep regular business hours, or operates by appointment only shall advise ISP, in writing, of that fact and of a means for ISP to contact that CL to establish a reasonable time for inspection when needed.


    3)         Nothing in this subsection (a) shall be construed to interfere with any federal agency or any federal agency inspection or investigation.


    b)         During an inspection, certified licensees shall make the following accessible for inspection, upon the request of ISP or an authorized assisting law enforcement agency accompanying ISP:


    1)         all records and documents related to the sale, lease, transfer, and/or destruction of firearms (Section 5-35 of the Act); and


    2)         all firearms


    c)         Failure to fully cooperate with an inspection could result in the imposition of discipline and/or a fine in accordance with the Act.