§1300.180. Inventory  

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  • a)         Each cultivation center, prior to commencing business, shall:


    1)         Conduct an initial comprehensive inventory of all cannabis at the facility. If a cultivation center commences business with no cannabis on hand, the cultivation center shall record this fact as the initial inventory; and


    2)         Establish ongoing inventory controls and procedures for the conduct of inventory reviews and comprehensive inventories of cannabis, which shall enable the cultivation center to detect any diversion, theft or loss in a timely manner.


    b)         Upon commencing business, each cultivation center shall conduct a physical weekly inventory of cannabis stock, which shall include, at a minimum:  


    1)         The date of the inventory;


    2)         A summary of the inventory findings;


    3)         The name, signature and title of the individuals who conducted the inventory, and the agent-in-charge who oversaw the inventory; and


    4)         The product name and quantity of cannabis plants or cannabis-infused products at the facility.


    c)         The record of all cannabis sold or otherwise disposed of shall show: 


    1)         The date of sale;


    2)         The name of the dispensary facility or other cannabis business establishment to which the cannabis was sold;


    3)         The batch number, product name, and quantity of cannabis sold; and


    4)         If applicable, the date, quantity and manner in which, and reason why, any cannabis was destroyed.


    d)         A complete and accurate record of all plant stock or products of cannabis on hand shall be prepared annually on the anniversary of the initial inventory, or other date that the cultivation center agent-in-charge may choose, so long as it is not more than one year following the prior year's inventory.


    e)         All inventories, procedures and other documents required by this Section shall be maintained on the premises and made available to the Department at all times, upon request.


    f)         Whenever any sample or record is removed by a person authorized to enforce this Part, that person shall tender a receipt in lieu of the sample or record.  The receipt shall be kept for 5 years.