§1300.155. Records  

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  • a)         Each cultivation center shall keep and maintain upon the licensed premises, for a 5-year period, true, complete, legible and current books and records, including the following:


    1)         The date of each sale or distribution to a cannabis organization;


    2)         The name, address and registration number of the cannabis organization;


    3)         The item number, product name (description), and quantity of cannabis and cannabis-infused products registered by the Department and sold or otherwise distributed to the cannabis organization;


    4)         The price charged and the amount received for the cannabis and cannabis-infused products from the cannabis organization;


    5)         If the distribution was for a purpose other than sale, the reason for the distribution;


    6)         The quantity and form of cannabis maintained at the cultivation center on a daily basis; and


    7)         The amount of plants being grown at the cultivation center on a daily basis.


    b)         Each cultivation center is responsible for keeping and maintaining records that clearly reflect all financial transactions and the financial condition of the business.  The following records must be kept and maintained on the licensed premises, at approved corporate offices within the State of Illinois, for a 5-year period and must be made available for inspection upon request by the Department and DOR within 48 hours after a request:


    1)         Purchase invoices, bills of lading, manifests, sales records, copies of bills of sale, and any supporting documents, including the items and/or services purchased, from whom the items were purchased, and the date of purchase;


    2)         If applicable, bank statements and canceled checks for all accounts relating to the cultivation center;


    3)         Accounting and tax records related to the cultivation center;


    4)         Records of all financial transactions related to the cultivation center, including contracts and/or agreements for services performed or received that relate to the cultivation center;


    5)         All employee records, including training, education, discipline, etc.;


    6)         Soil amendment, fertilizers, pesticides, or other crop production aids applied to the growing medium or plants, or used in the process of growing cannabis;


    7)         Production records, including:


    A)        Records of planting, harvest and curing, weighing, destruction of cannabis, creation of batches of cannabis-infused products, and packaging and labeling; and


    B)        Records of disposal of cannabis, cannabis-infused products, and waste materials associated with production;


    8)         Records of each batch of extracts or cannabis-infused products made, including, at a minimum, the usable cannabis or trim, leaves, and other plant matter used (including the total weight of the base product used), any solvents or other compounds utilized, and the product type and the total weight of the end product produced, such as hash oil, shatter, tincture, infused dairy butter, etc.;


    9)         Transportation records;


    10)         Inventory records as described in Section 1300.180;


    11)        Records of all samples sent to an independent testing lab and/or the Department's lab and the quality assurance test results;


    12)         All samples provided to anyone or any entity for any purpose; and


    13)        Records of any theft, loss or other unaccountability of any cannabis seedlings, clones, plants, trim or other plant material, extracts, cannabis-infused products, or other items containing cannabis.