§1300.150. Specifications  

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  • a)         Cultivation centers shall:


    1)         Not be located closer than 1,500 feet to another cultivation center or a craft grower.


    2)         Not be in violation of any other local zoning requirements.


    b)         Before production, the licensee shall provide the Department with engineering plans and specifications of the entire cultivation center.  The plans and specifications shall include:


    1)         A detailed plan and elevation drawings of all operational areas involved with the production of cannabis plants.  This should include dimensions and elevation referenced to a single facility benchmark;


    2)         Cross-sections that show the construction details and their dimensions to provide verification of construction materials, enhancement for security measures, and bio-security measures;


    3)         Identification of all employee areas that are nonproduction areas;


    4)         The location of all storage areas, ventilation systems, and equipment used for the production of cannabis;


    5)         The location of all entrances and exits to the cultivation center;


    6)         The location of any windows, skylights and roof hatches;


    7)         The location of all cameras and their field of view;


    8)         The location of all alarm inputs (door contacts, motion detectors, duress/hold up devices) and alarm sirens;


    9)         The location of the digital video recorder and alarm control panel;


    10)         The location of all restricted and public areas;


    11)         The location where all plant inputs and application equipment are stored;


    12)         If applicable, the location of areas designated specifically for the production of cannabis-infused products; and


    13)         The location of the enclosed, secure area or loading/unloading dock out of public sight for the loading/unloading of cannabis in the transport motor vehicle.