§118.705. Definitions  

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    For the purposes of this Subpart, the following terms have the meanings ascribed in this Section:


    "Code" means the Public Aid Code [305 ILCS 5].


    "Department" means the Department of Healthcare and Family Services and any successor agencies.


    "FPL" means the federal poverty income guidelines established by the federal Department of Health and Human Services and published in the Federal Register.


    "Health Benefits for Immigrant Seniors" or "Program" means the Program authorized by Section 12-4.35(a-5) of the Code and created by this Subpart.


    "Resident" means an individual who has an Illinois residence, as established in Section 5-3 of the Code.


    "Medical assistance receiving federal financial participation" does not include emergency medical for certain non-citizens.


(Source:  Added at 44 Ill. Reg. 19684, effective December 11, 2020)