§870.90. Requirements for the Installation of Manufactured Homes  

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  • a)         All manufactured homes installed after December 31, 2001 shall be installed under the on-site supervision of a licensed manufactured home installer. [430 ILCS 117/25]  The licensed installer shall provide sufficient on-site supervision to ensure quality installation as required by the manufacturer's specifications or, in the absence of the instructions provided by the manufacturer, this Part.


    b)         Homes installed on a permanent foundation are not required to be installed by a licensed manufactured home installer.


    c)         All homes shall comply with the anchoring requirements contained in Subpart E of this Part.


    d)         The requirements of Sections 870.110 through 870.170 shall apply to homes installed where the instructions are not available.


    e)         Nothing in this Part shall preclude local ordinances, including but not limited to zoning, building codes, or other ordinances not affecting installation standards or other exclusive State powers or functions under Section 60 of the Manufactured Home Quality Assurance Act.


    f)         The home manufacturer data plate specifies the design criteria of the homes.  For homes that do not have a data plate, the installation shall be designed for a roof live load design of 20 pounds per square foot.