§870.80. Installation Seals and Compliance Certificates  

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  • a)         The licensed installer who installs the support system for each home must purchase from the Department installation seals and installation compliance certificates for all homes to be installed in Illinois after December 31, 2001.  A $25 check or money order payable to the Illinois Department of Public Health shall be submitted to the Illinois Department of Public Health, Division of Environmental Health, 525 West Jefferson, Springfield, Illinois 62761.  Multiple seals and certificates of compliance may be purchased.  The seals and compliance certificates may be purchased only by a licensed installer.


    b)         Location of Seal.  The installation seal must be placed directly above the HUD label upon completion of the installation of the home by the installer responsible for the support system for the home.  In the event there is no HUD label on the home, the seal shall be placed where the HUD label would normally be.  When a home with an installation seal is relocated, the original installation seal shall be removed or covered with the new installation seal.


    c)         Installation Compliance Certificate


    1)         The licensed manufactured home installer shall complete the installation compliance certificate within 30 days after the date of the installation.  The installer shall mail copies of the completed certificate, via certified mail, to:  the Department, the dealer, the homeowner, and the owner/operator of the licensed manufactured home community, if the home is installed in a community.


    2)         The installation compliance certificate shall contain the following information:


    A)        Name and address of the licensed installer.


    B)        Installer's license number.


    C)        Name of manufacturer.


    D)        Manufacturer's serial number.


    E)        Home owner's name and address, if available.


    F)         Installation date.


    G)        Number of the installation seal that was affixed to the home.


    d)         Lost or Damaged Installation Seals or Compliance Certificates.  If a seal or compliance certificate becomes lost or damaged, the Department shall immediately be notified in writing by the installer.  If possible, the assigned number shall be indicated.  All damaged seals or compliance certificates or those unused from an installer who ceases business in Illinois shall be returned to the Department.  No refund will be granted.


    e)         Partially Completed Compliance Certificates.  The licensed installer shall be responsible for completing as much information on the compliance certificates as is known prior to submitting the form to the Department, dealer and homeowner.