§870.65. Requirements for Manufactured Home Installers License  

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  • a)         To qualify for a license as a manufactured home installer, an applicant shall meet the following requirements:


    1)         Be at least 18 years of age;


    2)         Complete a Department-approved manufactured home installer course and pass the examination administered at the conclusion of the course, or complete a course offered by another state that has been granted reciprocal approval in accordance with Section 870.55;


    3)         Submit the completed application form provided by the Department;


    4)         Submit a 1 inch by 1 inch head and shoulder current photo of the license applicant;


    5)         Submit the required license application fee of $150.


    b)         A licensed manufactured home installer must provide proof of licensure at the installation site when requested by a Department representative.


    c)         A licensed manufactured home installer is not exempt from the requirements of the Illinois Plumbing License Law.