§870.200. Equipment Specifications  

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  • a)         Tie materials shall be capable of resisting a force of 3,150 pounds with no more than 2 percent elongation and shall withstand at least 4,725 pounds without failure.  Strapping must meet the requirements of ASTM D 3953-91, and cable must be a minimum of ¼ inch diameter galvanized 7 by 19 strand cable.


    b)         Anchor equipment and ties shall be weather resistant.  Each anchor, when installed, shall be capable of resisting a working load at least equal to 3,150 pounds in the direction of the tie plus 50 percent overload (4,725 pounds) without failure.  Double headed anchors must resist vertical and horizontal loads.  Failure shall be considered to have occurred when the point of connection between the tie and the anchor moves more than 2 inches at 4,725 pounds in the vertical direction.  Anchors designed to be installed so that the loads on the anchor are other than direct withdrawal shall be designed and installed to resist an applied design load of 4,725 pounds at 45 degrees from horizontal without displacing the anchor more than 3 inches horizontally at the point where the tie attaches to the anchor.