§870.170. Perimeter Enclosures  

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  • a)         Material and Ventilation.  The perimeter enclosure material shall be of material manufactured for this purpose.  The material must be installed in a manner that will not allow water to be trapped between the perimeter material and the siding or trim to which it is attached.  The perimeter enclosure material is to be vented according to the manufacturer's recommendation to prevent moisture buildup.  If the manufacturer's specifications are not available, to assure proper ventilation, the open area of the vents must be equal to at least 1/300 of the floor area of the home.


    b)         Installation.  Perimeter enclosure material must be installed to accept possible frost heave.  The perimeter enclosure must be installed to the manufacturer's specifications. 


    c)         Access.  A utility inspection panel that can be opened without the use of tools and that is a minimum of 24 inches by 18 inches must be provided.