§870.150. Heating and Air Conditioning  

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  • All on-site installations of heating and air conditioning systems shall meet the equipment manufacturer's specifications, comply with local code, and be performed by qualified personnel approved or licensed by the local jurisdiction for this work, a licensed manufactured home installer or the homeowner.


    a)         Heating Equipment.  The heating systems for most homes are provided with the duct systems installed.  On-site installation consists of connecting the crossover duct for multi-section homes.  Crossover ducts for multi-section homes must be supported aboveground, sealed to prevent air leaks and cut to length to avoid kinks.


    b)         Air Conditioning Equipment.  Air conditioning equipment must be installed in accordance with the manufacturer's specifications and comply with local codes.  The maximum electrical full load ampere draw for the desired air conditioning unit must not exceed the home manufacturer's circuit rating.  Any field-installed wiring beyond the junction box must include a fused disconnect located within sight of the condensing unit.  The maximum fuse size is marked on the condenser data plate.  Charging of the air conditioning equipment must be performed by qualified personnel.  Condensation from the air conditioning equipment must not drain underneath the home.


    c)         Clothes dryer vents must exhaust outside the exterior of the home, or any perimeter foundation or skirting.  The exhaust duct must be adequately supported and sealed.  The installation of the duct must be in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions.