§870.120. Structural Connections, Sealing and Patching  

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  • a)         Structural Connections.  Multi-section manufactured homes must be secured to immobilize each section, allow for the transfer of required loads, and protect interior and enclosed spaces. (See 870.Table H, Multi-Section Fastening Schedule.)


    b)         Sealing.  During installation, joints between all multi-section homes must be cleaned and shimmed where the gap exceeds ½ inch top or bottom, then sealed with a weather-stripping gasket material to limit heat loss and prevent air, moisture and other damaging infiltration.  The gasket material must be durable, non-porous caulking, closed cell foam, urethane or sill seal.  Caulking, if used, must be capable of compressing and stretching.  Sill seal, if used, must be a  minimum of 5½ inches wide and attached with fasteners staggered at 6 inches on center.


    c)         Patching.  All cuts, holes or tears in the bottom board or floor insulation, including areas around structural connections and plumbing, mechanical and heating equipment penetrations, must be adequately repaired to help prevent the entrance of rodents, to limit heat loss and to prevent air, moisture and other damaging infiltration.