§630.160. Availability of Services  

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  • a)         Direct Services


    1)         Consideration shall be given to the socioeconomic and cultural backgrounds of both children and their parents in developing a personalized approach to service delivery.


    2)         All services provided directly by the projects shall be made available on a voluntary basis to all patients accepted into the program of care.


    b)         Indirect Services and Authorization of Payment for Services

                The projects may make provisions to arrange and pay for additional services needed by the eligible patient if they cannot be provided by the project and are required as part of the total care needed by the patient.


    c)         Other Services


    1)         Patients having medical conditions which are not related to the intended purpose of the projects shall be referred to appropriate sources of care (see Utilization of Community Resources 630.170).  Speciality programs of the Division of Services for Crippled Children are to be utilized wherever feasible, with no attempt on the part of the projects to duplicate these or other programs serving mothers and children.


    2)         Transportation may be provided to needy project patients through public facilities where available, project operated buses, preauthorized taxi, ambulance services, or other preauthorized modes of transport. Rates of reimbursement shall be at the rate allowed by the agency.


    3)         Special services such as baby sitting, housekeeping, nursing home care may be provided to eligible project clients.


(Source:  Amended at 14 Ill. Reg. 11219, effective July 1, 1990)