§630.150. Eligibility for Services  

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  • a)         It is intended that persons receiving services through the projects be those who are financially unable to provide required medical care for themselves.


    b)         Services shall be made available:


    1)         Without any requirement for legal residence except that the patient is currently living in the area served by the program, or if outside by special permission of the project director.


    2)         Upon referral from any source including the patient's own application.


    3)         Without regard to age, handicap, sex, race, religion, nationality, ethnic background, or marital status.


    4)         To certain categories of patient who reside outside the geographic area served by the project such as school age pregnant girls or migrants who may require and seek services rendered by the project.  Program patients who move to a neighborhood outside of the project's geographic boundary may continue in the project if the program director considers this in the patient's best interest.


    5)         Documentation of spenddown or denial of Public Aid eligibility for reasons other than failure to comply with Public Aid processes must be maintained in the case file for covered services.


(Source:  Amended at 14 Ill. Reg. 11219, effective July 1, 1990)