§630.140. Program Income  

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  • a)         Program income is defined as gross income earned by a delegate agency from activities which are performed as a result of that delegate agency having received a grant from the Illinois Department of Public Health.  It includes fees for services performed or proceeds from usage or rental fees or the sale of property.  Revenues received from taxes, levies, fines are not considered program income.


    b)         All projects shall have agreements with the Illinois Department of Healthcare and Family Services' Medical Assistance Program for reimbursement of covered services for project patients who are Title XIX recipients.  Steps shall be taken to obtain reimbursement from non-profit, semiprivate, and private medical insurance programs, when these programs cover services rendered by these projects.


    c)         Program income shall be retained by the delegate agency and included in the project budget.


    d)         Each project may elect charge eligible recipients for certain services provided by the project; however, a flexible sliding fee scale must be utilized and included for approval in the project application process prior to any fees being charged.


(Source:  Amended at 14 Ill. Reg. 11219, effective July 1, 1990)