§630.10. Legislative Base  

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  • a)         Federal

                Legislative provisions for health services for mothers and children were initiated with Title V of the Social Security Act in 1935 (42 U.S.C. 701 et seq.) through formula grants to States for maternal and child health services.  Over the next 50 years Title V has been broadened and expanded in response to changing need.  The most recent and extensive revision to Title V came through the Maternal and Child Health (MCH) Services Block Grant Act of 1981 (PL 97-35; Sec. 2191 et seq.).  The MCH Block Grant Act virtually rewrote Title V to provide federal funds to states through a block grant arrangement so that each State could allocate resources based upon its individual needs and circumstances.  In addition to the Maternal and Child Health and Crippled Children's Service (CCS) components, previous federal categorical grant programs for Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS), Lead Screening, Adolescent Pregnancy, Genetics, Hemophilia and Supplemental Security Income − Disabled Children's Program (SSI-DCP) were folded into the MCH Block.  Each State is to determine the types of activities and the level of support for each type of project that would be included in its State MCH Program.


    b)         State


    1)         On July 12, 1877, the Illinois Department of Public Health was established to regulate the practice of medicine and to promote sanitary and hygienic activities.  In 1919 the Division of Child Hygiene and Public Health Nursing was created to address the health needs of mothers and children following a terrible epidemic of infantile paralysis (polio) which struck the State in 1916 and 1917.


    2)         Since that time a wide array of state health department programs were developed by this Division and its various successor units.  After the enactment of Title V legislation, the Division became the designated maternal and child health unit of the Department.


    3)         The Division of Family Health carries responsibility for implementing and maintaining Federal Title V programs as well as the following program areas mandated by state legislation:  


    A)        Developmental Disability Prevention Act [410 ILCS 250]


    B)        Newborn Metabolic Screening Act [410 ILCS 240]


    C)        Division 3.3 of the Counties Code [55 ILCS 5]


    D)        Lead Poisoning Prevention Act [410 ILCS 45]


    E)        Illinois Family Case Management Act [410 ILCS 212]


    F)         The Problem Pregnancy Health Services and Care Act [410 ILCS 230]


    G)        Prenatal and Newborn Care Act [410 ILCS 225]


(Source:  Amended at 14 Ill. Reg. 11219, effective July 1, 1990)