§1290.431. Dispensing Medical Cannabis to OAPP Participants  

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  • a)         Before a dispensing organization allows an OAPP participant into the limited access area, it must verify the person's identity by comparing the OAPP participant's name and date of birth in the Illinois Cannabis Tracking System with a State or federally issued identification.


    b)         Before a dispensing organization agent dispenses medical cannabis to an OAPP participant, the agent shall:


    1)         Confirm the OAPP participant is in the Illinois Cannabis Tracking System and is authorized by DPH to purchase medical cannabis;


    2)         Verify the OAPP participant's identity by confirming the following:


    A)        Name, phone number, and participant's identity using a State or federal identification card;


    B)        Date of birth and that the participant is not under 21 years of age;


    C)        Original written certification was submitted in the application and includes the name of the issuing physician;


    D)        The written certification was issued within 90 days prior to registering in the Opioid Participant Pilot Program; and


    E)        The start and expiration date the OAPP participant can purchase medical cannabis;


    3)         Confirm the OAPP participant is not a registered qualifying patient or provisional patient;


    4)         Verify that the amount of medical cannabis the OAPP participant is requesting would not cause the OAPP participant to exceed the limit of obtaining more than two and one-half ounces of medical cannabis during any 14-calendar day period; and


    5)         Enter the following information into the Illinois Cannabis Tracking System for the OAPP participant:


    A)        The dispensing organization agent's identification number;


    B)        The dispensing organization's registry identification number;


    C)        The amount, type, strain, weight and usable weight of medical cannabis dispensed;


    D)        Identity of the individual to whom medical cannabis was dispensed; and


    E)        The date and time the medical cannabis was dispensed.


    c)         In the event a dispensing organization dispenses in excess of an OAPP participant's usable amount, it shall notify the Division in writing within 48 hours.  The notification shall include the date and time of the transaction that caused the overage, the name of the agent-in-charge on duty, the amount of the overage, the OAPP participant's registry identification number, and a detailed narrative of the circumstances surrounding the overage.  The notification report shall outline the methods the dispensary will use to self-correct and prevent this type of over-dispensing from reoccurring.


    d)         A dispensing organization shall notify DPH if it determines a person is attempting to submit or did submit a fraudulent written certification in an OAPP application. 


(Source:  Added at 43 Ill. Reg. 6593, effective May 20, 2019)