§1290.415. Recordkeeping  

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  • a)         Dispensing organization records must be maintained electronically and be available for inspection by the Division upon request. The dispensing organization shall develop recordkeeping policies and procedures consistent with this Part.


    b)         Required written records include, but are not limited to, the following:


    1)         Operating procedures;


    2)         Inventory records, policies and procedures;


    3)         Security Records;


    4)         Audit records;


    5)         Staffing plan; and


    6)         Business records that shall include manual or computerized records of:


    A)        Assets and liabilities;


    B)        Monetary transactions;


    C)        Written or electronic accounts that shall include bank statements, journals, ledgers and supporting documents, agreements, checks, invoices, receipts and vouchers; and


    D)        Any other financial accounts reasonably related to the dispensary operations.


    7)         Storage and transfer of records. If a dispensary closes due to insolvency, revocation, bankruptcy or for any other reason, all records must be preserved at the expense of the dispensing organization for at least three years in a form and location in Illinois acceptable to the Division. The dispensing organization shall keep the records longer if requested by the Division. The dispensing organization shall notify the Division of the location where the dispensary records are stored or transferred.   


    8)         All other records, policies and procedures required by the Act and this Part.


(Source:  Amended at 43 Ill. Reg. 6593, effective May 20, 2019)