§1290.230. State and Federal Criminal History Records Check

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    a)         Persons required to submit to a State and federal criminal history records check for convictions of an excluded offense shall submit to a fingerprint-based criminal history records check by providing a full set of fingerprints in an electronic format to an ISP livescan vendor whose equipment has been certified by ISP or a fingerprint vendor agency licensed by the Department.  Out-of-state residents unable to utilize an Illinois fingerprint vendor agency may request an ISP Fee Applicant Card from the Division for out-of-state fingerprint processing.


    b)         The ISP will act as the Division's agent, receiving electronic fingerprints and conducting background checks of each individual applying for an agent identification card.


    c)         ISP will conduct background checks for conviction information contained in the ISP and Federal Bureau of Identification criminal history databases, as permitted.


    d)         For verification of a statutorily imposed duty to conduct background checks pursuant to the Act, ISP will transmit the results of the background check to the Division and the transmittal shall conclude the verification process.


    e)         The electronic background checks shall be submitted as outlined in either the Uniform Conviction Information Act [20 ILCS 2635] or 20 Ill. Adm. Code 1265.30 (Electronic Transmission of Fingerprint Requirements).


    f)         Electronic transmission of fingerprint data to ISP shall be accomplished utilizing livescan procedures or other comparable technology approved for use by ISP.


    g)         Manual fingerprints will not be accepted and shall not be scanned and converted into an electronic format, unless otherwise approved by the Division.


    h)         Fingerprints shall be taken within one month prior to the application date or renewal date for an agent identification card, unless otherwise approved by the Division.


    i)          Fingerprint images of the individual being fingerprinted, and related alphanumeric identification data submitted, shall be submitted electronically to ISP.


    j)          If the fingerprints are rejected by ISP, the dispensary agent shall have his or her fingerprints collected electronically by a live scan fingerprint vendor a second time.


    k)         In the event of equipment malfunction or other special circumstance that make electronic transmission of fingerprint data impractical, the Division may allow limited use of paper fingerprint records.


    l)          The dispensing organization shall submit to the Division a copy of the livescan request form, with the agent identification card application or renewal and the receipt provided from the livescan fingerprint vendor containing the Transaction Control Number (TCN), as proof that fingerprints have been collected.


    m)        Dispensary agent identification card applications submitted without a copy of the livescan request form and receipt will be deemed incomplete and will not be processed until fingerprinting is completed.


    n)         Fees associated with the livescan fingerprint-based criminal history records check shall be the responsibility of the dispensing organization seeking an agent identification card. 


(Source:  Amended at 43 Ill. Reg. 6593, effective May 20, 2019)