§1290.140. Request to Relocate a Dispensary  

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    a)                  A dispensing organization may relocate a dispensary in the District where the dispensary is registered or awarded an authorization.  To relocate a registered dispensary, the dispensing organization shall submit an application requesting the change and the relocation fee (see Section 1290.80) to the Division.


    b)         The new dispensary location shall meet all the requirements of the Act and this Part.


    c)         If the information and documents submitted by the dispensing organization comply with the Act and this Part and the proposed location is equal to or better than the prior location, the Division will issue a conditional approval to relocate.  The dispensary organization may continue to operate at the existing location, until the new location is ready.  The dispensary organization may not operate two locations under the same registration number.


    d)         Once the new dispensary is finished, the dispensing organization shall notify the Division and request an inspection.


    e)         Prior to issuing a registration and approval to operate, the Division will inspect the dispensary to confirm compliance with the Act and this Part. Final approval for the dispensing organization to operate will be issued by the Division only after the completion of a successful inspection.


    f)         A dispensing organization shall not dispense medical cannabis at the new location until the Division approves the dispensary and issues an amended registration noting the new location.


    g)         Once the Division has issued an amended registration, the dispensing organization shall notify the Division of the proposed dispensary opening date.


    h)         The registration that includes the new address shall retain the expiration date of the previously issued registration.


    i)          An application for a relocation of a dispensary may not be combined with an application for renewing a dispensing organization registration. The Division shall process each application separately.


    j)          Should the dispensing organization relocate, it shall inform its existing patients of the new dispensary location.


(Source:  Amended at 43 Ill. Reg. 6593, effective May 20, 2019)