§1290.110. Dispensing Organization - Registration Requirements  

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    a)         The registration packet shall be equal to or better than the information contained in the application, and shall provide additional detail on construction, start-up, operation, security measures and dispensing procedures.


    b)         A person granted an authorization shall submit a registration packet to the Division that includes the following registration requirements:


    1)                  The legal name of the dispensing organization;


    2)                  The name of the dispensary;


    3)                  The registry identification number for the dispensing organization;


    4)                  The proposed physical address of the dispensary facility;


    5)         The address, telephone number and e-mail address of the applicant's principal place of business, if different from the location where the medical cannabis will be dispensed.  A post office box is not permitted;


    6)         The name, address, date of birth and social security number for each proposed dispensing organization agent;


    7)         The proposed hours of operation;


    8)         Any proposed text or graphic materials to be shown on the exterior of the proposed dispensary; 


    9)         The distance from the proposed dispensary's property line to the property line of the closest pre-existing public or private preschool or elementary or secondary school or day care center, day care home, group day care home and part day child care facility. For purposes of this subsection (b)(9), "pre‑existing" means existing as of the date the proposed dispensing organization submitted its application to the Division.


    10)        The anticipated date the dispensing organization will be ready for a Division inspection;


    11)        An attestation under penalty of perjury that the information provided to the Division for registration is true and correct;


    12)        Certification issued by the local jurisdiction's zoning office authorizing the use of the proposed plot as a dispensary; 


    13)        A site plan drawn to scale of the proposed dispensary showing streets, traffic direction, sidewalks, trees, alleys, property lines, additional buildings on-site, parking areas and handicapped parking spaces, fences, exterior walled areas, garages, vehicle delivery access doors, hangars, security features and outdoor areas as applicable.


    14)        A floor plan or blueprint drawn to scale of the dispensary building that shall, at a minimum, show and identify:


    A)        Layout and square footage of each room;


    B)        Overall square footage of the dispensary facility;


    C)        Name and function of each room;


    D)        Doorways or pathways between rooms;


    E)        Means of ingress and egress;


    F)         Location of restricted, limited and public access areas.  All limited and restricted access areas shall be clearly described in the floor plan of the premises, in the form and manner determined by the Division, reflecting walls, partitions, counter heights, and all areas of entry and exit.  The floor plan shall show all storage, disposal and retail sales areas;


    G)        Location of cannabis storage areas while the dispensary is open for business;


    H)        Location of cannabis storage areas while the dispensary is closed for business;


    I)         Location of the patient, provisional patient or OAPP participant counseling area;


    J)         Location of all safes and/or vaults that will be used to store cannabis, cannabis-infused products or currency, identifying day storage and night storage;


    K)        Location of each computer used to check qualifying patient cards, designated caregiver registry cards, provisional registrations and verify OAPP participants;


    L)        Location of each computer and cash register used for point of sale transactions and to access the State verification system and Illinois Cannabis Tracking System;


    M)       Location of bullet-proof glass, if any;


    N)        Location of drawer, grate or conduit through the bullet-proof glass, if any;


    O)        Location of bullet-proof walls, if any;


    P)         Location of fire exits;


    Q)        Location of each toilet facility;


    R)        Location of a break room and personal storage lockers, if any;


    S)         Location of each video camera;


    T)         Location of each panic button; and


    U)        Location of natural windows or skylights.


    15)        Policies and procedures that comply with the requirements in this Part, outlined in an Operation and Management Practices Plan, including:


    A)        Inventory control and recordkeeping using the State verification system and Illinois Cannabis Tracking System;


    B)        Qualifying patient, designated caregiver, provisional patient and OAPP participant recordkeeping;


    C)        Dispensing medical cannabis to patients, designated caregivers, provisional patients, and OAPP participants that comply with the requirements in Sections 1290.430 and 1290.435;


    D)        Inventory control and recordkeeping using the dispensary's point of sale recordkeeping;


    E)        Security;


    F)         Patient care education and support;


    G)        Accessible business hours and safe dispensing; and


    H)        A staffing plan that ensures adequate staffing, training and education.


    16)        An explanation of related products or services to be offered, if any, other than cannabis.


    17)        A plan for working with cultivation centers to acquire medical cannabis and ensure the dispensary has a continuous supply for registered qualifying patients, designated caregivers, provisional patients and OAPP participants.


    18)        The estimated volume of cannabis it plans to store at the dispensary.


    19)        A detailed description of air treatment systems that will be installed to reduce odors.


    20)        A description of the features that will provide accessibility to qualifying patients, designated caregivers, provisional patients and OAPP participants as required by the ADA.


    21)        A plan detailing how the dispensing organization will perform a physical daily inventory of all medical cannabis to ensure inventory is balanced in the State verification system, Illinois Cannabis Tracking System and point of sale system.


    22)        An attestation that the dispensing organization will have a reinforced vault room with dimensions sufficient for storage of cannabis, cash and currency.


    23)        Documentation that the building meets State and local building and fire codes, and that all local ordinances are met for the proposed location.


    24)        A reasonable assurance that the issuance of a registration will not have a detrimental impact on the community.


    25)        A plan to prevent patient, provisional patient, designated caregiver and OAPP participant overflow in waiting rooms and patient care areas.


    26)        A signed statement by each principal officer or agent that they will not divert medical cannabis.


    27)        The registration fee (see Section 1290.80).


    28)        Any additional information requested by the Division.


    c)         The registration packet shall be signed and dated by each principal officer.


    d)         Upon Division approval of the registration packet, the information and plans in the registration packet become a condition of the registration. Dispensing organizations have a duty to disclose any material changes to the information contained in the registration packet.


    e)         Once all registration documentation is complete, reviewed, confirmed, and meets the Division's approval, the Division may issue a conditional approval.


    f)         After receipt of a conditional approval, and when the dispensing organization is ready to open, it shall contact the Division for an inspection.  The dispensary shall not open until it has passed inspection and the Division has issued a registration.


    g)         Prior to opening, the dispensing organization shall notify the Division of the proposed opening date.


    h)         The Division may refuse to issue a registration or a registration must be denied pursuant to Section 115(f) of the Act for a violation of this Part for any of the following reasons:


    1)         The applicant failed to submit the materials required by the Act and this Part;


    2)         The applicant selected a location that is not in compliance with local zoning rules and cannot cure the zoning deficiency in a reasonable time;


    3)         The applicant does not meet the requirements of Section 130 or 140 of the Act;


    4)         One or more of the principal officers has been convicted of an excluded offense;


    5)         One or more of the principal officers has served as an owner or officer of a registered medical cannabis dispensing organization that had its registration revoked;


    6)         One or more of the principal officers is under 21 years of age;


    7)         One or more of the principal officers is a registered qualifying patient or a designated caregiver.


(Source:  Amended at 43 Ill. Reg. 6593, effective May 20, 2019)