§1290.100. Dispensing Organization - Registration Process  

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  • a)                  No person may own, operate or act as a dispensing organization or represent that the person or organization is a registered dispensing organization unless first obtaining a registration from the Division.


    b)         The registration process shall include the following:


    1)         If the Division issues an authorization to an applicant, the Division will notify the applicant that it may file for a registration with the Division.


    2)         Only an applicant granted an authorization is permitted to register a dispensing organization.


    3)         A dispensing organization shall submit to the Division all supporting information and documents in a registration packet.  The registration packet shall include all required registration materials in accordance with this Section and this Part.  All registration materials shall be submitted together. 


    4)         A dispensing organization must file the registration packet with the Division within 120 days after the date of the authorization notification, unless otherwise authorized by the Division.


    5)         The Division may identify incomplete or missing information from the registration packet, may request additional information from the applicant or may deny the registration packet.


    6)         If a registration packet is denied by the Division, the dispensing organization may refile it within 10 business days with the information or documents that caused its denial.  If the registration packet is denied by the Division more than three times, the Division may withdraw the authorization. A letter withdrawing an authorization shall serve as a final administrative decision by the Division.


    c)         Once all required information and documents have been submitted, the Division will review the registration packet.  The Division may request revisions and retains final approval over dispensary features.  Once the registration packet is complete and meets the Division's approval, the Division will conditionally approve the registration.  Final approval is contingent on the build-out and Division inspection. 


    d)         Upon completion of the dispensary, the dispensing organization shall request an inspection. The Division will inspect the dispensary to confirm compliance with the registration packet, the Act and this Part.


    e)         A registration will be issued only after the completion of a successful inspection.


    f)         Once the Division has issued a registration, the dispensary organization shall notify the Division of the proposed opening date. 


    g)         A dispensing organization is not prohibited from applying for a cultivation center permit in connection with DOA's rules.


(Source:  Amended at 43 Ill. Reg. 6593, effective May 20, 2019)