§1240.502. Application for Branch Office License  

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  • a)         A licensed private detective agency, private alarm contractor agency, private security contractor agency, or locksmith agency shall not operate a branch office within this State without first applying for and receiving a branch office license for each location.  An applicant for a branch office license shall, in accordance with Section 10-5 of the Act, file an application with the Division, on forms provided by the Division, together with the following:


    1)         Agency name and license number;


    2)         Branch office address and telephone number.  A post office box by itself is not acceptable;


    3)         County in which the branch office is located;


    4)         Name and license number of the licensee-in-charge; and


    5)         The required fees specified in Section 1240.570.


    b)         The branch office must use the same name as the licensed agency.  Use of a different name shall require a new application for an agency license in that name.


    c)         If the branch office is relocated, a new branch office license application must be submitted to the Division.


    d)         This Section shall not apply to a licensed fingerprint vendor agency.


(Source:  Added at 36 Ill. Reg. 9938, effective July 13, 2012)