§1010.405. Requests for Records that the Agency Considers Unduly Burdensome  

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  • a)         The Agency will fulfill requests calling for all records falling within a category unless compliance with the request would unduly burden the Agency, there is no way to narrow the request, and the burden on the Agency outweighs the public interest in the information.  Before invoking this exemption, the Agency will extend to the requester an opportunity to confer with it in an attempt to reduce the request to manageable proportions.  (Section 3(g) of FOIA)  The amended request must be in writing.


    b)         If the Agency determines that a request is unduly burdensome, it shall do so in writing, specifying the reasons why it would be unduly burdensome and the extent to which compliance will so burden the operations of the Agency. The response shall be treated as a denial of the request for information.  (Section 3(g) of FOIA)


    c)         Repeated requests from the same person for records that are unchanged or identical to records previously provided or properly denied under this Part shall be deemed unduly burdensome.  (Section 3(g) of FOIA)