§1100.700. Award Process  

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  • a)         Board staff shall review application materials pursuant to this Part and make recommendations to the Board for approval.


    b)         Once grants are awarded by the Board, the Board staff shall notify each applicant in writing concerning its application.


    c)         Board staff shall verify that each awardee is registered with the State of Illinois, has completed a prequalification process, and has been determined "qualified" by GATU (see GATA Rule Section 7000.70).


    d)         The Board shall enter into an agreement with those institutions awarded a grant under this Part using the Uniform Grant Agreement provided by GATU (see GATA Rule Section 7000.370). Project objectives and performance goals will be included in the Uniform Grant Agreement to measure the awardee's performance.


(Source:  Amended at 43 Ill. Reg. 7429, effective June 20, 2019)