§1232.210. Rehearings  

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  • a)         Except as otherwise provided by law, and for good cause shown, the Director may, in his or her discretion, order a rehearing on written motion of the certified licensee. The motion shall specify the particular grounds for rehearing. 


    b)         When the record of testimony made at the hearing is found by the Director to be inadequate for purposes of judicial review, the Director may order a reopening of the hearing.


    c)         A motion for a rehearing or a motion for the reopening of a hearing shall be filed within 20 calendar days after service of the Director's order. ISP may respond to the motion for rehearing if it is determined that a response is necessary to address issues raised in the rehearing motion.  ISP's response shall be filed within 20 calendar days after its service on ISP. A rehearing shall be noticed and conducted in the same manner as an original hearing.  The evidence received at the rehearing shall be included in the record for the director's reconsideration and for judicial review.  A decision or order may be amended or vacated after rehearing.