§1232.170. Order of the Director  

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  • a)         The Director shall review the hearing officer's Findings, Conclusions of Law, and Recommendations and shall issue an order either adopting or declining to adopt the hearing officer's Findings of Fact, Conclusions of Law, and Recommendations, in whole or in part, within a reasonable time, not to exceed 60 days. The order shall also contain a finding of whether the accused licensee violated the Act or failed to comply with the conditions required in the Act.  (Section 5-100(a) of the Act)


    b)         The decision in the case will become effective immediately upon the execution of a written order, or as otherwise specified by either the order or applicable statute. The order is final and subject to judicial review under Section 5-10 of the Act. 


    c)         A certified licensee shall be immediately notified of the order, either personally or by certified mail, addressed to the last known address of the CL. A copy of the order shall be delivered or mailed to the CL or to his or her attorney of record.