§1800.715. Notice of Proposed Disciplinary Action Against Licensees  

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  • a)         When notified of facts sufficient to support disciplinary action against a licensee or a person with significant influence or control, the Administrator shall immediately notify the Board and the licensee of the proposed disciplinary action.  The notice shall advise the licensee of the following:


    1)         A statement of the facts supporting the proposed disciplinary action;


    2)         A description of the rule or statutory section the licensee has violated;


    3)         A statement or description of the matters asserted and the consequences of the failure to respond; and


    4)         The name and mailing address of the Illinois Gaming Board.


    b)         The Administrator shall serve the notice of proposed disciplinary action on the licensee by e-mail in accordance with Section 1800.140, personal service, or U.S. certified mail or U.S. regular mail to the last known address of the licensee.  Service is complete upon transmission of the e-mail, or four days after mailing.


(Source:  Amended at 44 Ill. Reg. 16454, effective September 25, 2020)